DIY Mosaic Birdbath


4          4-inch terra cotta pots

1          12-inch terra cotta saucer

10        DVDs

1          can spray paint in color of choice

1          can clear gloss spray paint


            pre-mixed grout


            waterproof adhesive


  1. Using scissors, cut DVDs in half and separate layers to expose iridescent film.
  2. Break or cut iridescent layers into small pieces for mosaic.
  3. Lay pieces out in a single layer on a prepared work space, iridescent side up.
  4. Spray clear gloss spray paint evenly across all pieces. Waiting five minutes between applications, apply two to three coats of gloss.
  5. Turn pots and saucer upside-down on prepared work space.
  6. Apply colored spray paint in an even coat on each terra cotta piece. Waiting three minutes between applications, spray two to three coats of gloss. Let dry for 20 minutes until dry to the touch.
  7. Using waterproof adhesive, adhere the pots together gluing two sets of two pots end to end and then gluing the sets together rim to rim.
  8. Wipe away excess glue from around the seams and touch up spray paint, as needed. Let dry for 24 hours.
  9. Turn painted saucer over to expose the inside. Using adhesive, glue iridescent pieces on the interior of the saucer. You can be really creative here and glue pieces into a pattern, if desired. We glued largest pieces first throughout and then filled gaps with smaller pieces. Let dry for 24 hours.
  10. Using a spatula, apply pre-mixed grout to the spaces between mosaic pieces. Wipe excess grout away with a dry cloth. Let dry for 24 hours.
  11. Using waterproof adhesive, glue the saucer to the rim of the connected pot base. Let dry for 24 hours.
  12. Place finished birdbath in your garden, fill with water and enjoy!

We learned the hard way:

  • CDs are not ideal for mosaic pieces as they crack and splinter when cut.
  • When cutting DVDs, pieces may go flying; we recommend cutting them inside of a bag or box.
  • Adhere to drying times; moving pots before glue has dried results in extra time touching up paint smears and excess glue spillover.
  • When gluing mosaic pieces into saucer, wipe tip of waterproof adhesive applicator after each use. Otherwise, there will be strings of glue that end up on the mosaic pieces and doesn’t look as nice.
  • Terra cotta pots are porous and soak up paint, so applying extra layers of spray paint results in a more even coat.
  • Wipe grout off the mosaic pieces as applied; if grout is on pieces too long, it may dry and need scraped off.