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Paragliding – Bozeman

Bozeman Paragliding

Available February-November

Introductory one day lesson


(406) 581-2955


The thrill

The breathtaking mountain views in Bozeman, Montana, serve as the setting for this adventure. You’ll be taught the basics of ground handling, forward launching and equipment technology by an aerial competitor with 20 years’ experience in the sport. The instructor focuses on modern techniques with an emphasis on safety. After the lesson, hike to the top of the training hill and attempt your first short flight – you won’t want to stop at one.

Ask the expert

Q: What can people expect during their first paragliding lesson?

A: “Usually people are sort of blown away that they were able to fly themselves off the training hill the first time.”

Andy Macrae

Owner of Bozeman Paragliding

Keep in mind

Paragliding is unique in that there is no free-fall, and a paraglider elevates with nothing aside from downhill momentum and rising air current. Tandem glides are available upon request.

Dictionary for the daring

Launch: An official takeoff area

Sailplane: An airplane with no motor

Woffa: A non-pilot spectator

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