Up to 60’

Rock Climbing – Billings

City of Billings Parks, Recreation & Public Lands

Available year-round

Private outdoor lesson

Approx. $50-$75

(406) 657-8371


The thrill

Billings Rimrocks attract rock climbers from across the nation; the rock face challenges the next-level adventurer. Learn the basics of rappelling and belaying while you ascend a variety of paths to the top. Rock climbing does require a basic level of physical fitness, as upper body strength and flexibility are key to a successful summit. Remember, safety first – attempt your first climb with an experienced instructor.

Ask the expert

Q: What advice do you have for a rock climbing novice interested in getting started?

A: “Go for it. Learn the basics and do them well and just go for it. The Rims are really easily accessible. You need a small baseline of skills to set up to start. If you can, go with a friend that has a baseline of knowledge and equipment.”

Jim Rott

Owner of SteepWorld

Keep in mind

Whether inside or outside, rock climbing is a dangerous activity (perfect for the avid adventurer). Climb with a buddy and be aware of surroundings. Wear climbing shoes and use chalk for sweaty hands; other equipment varies based on the rock feature and level of difficulty.

Dictionary for the daring

Belay: A rope setup that catches a climber who falls, typically guided by a second climber

Dyno: To jump across the rock face to reach the next hold, temporarily losing all contact with the rock

Elvis: A leg that shakes uncontrollably, often due to exhaustion or nervousness

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