Up to 50’

Ropes Course – West Yellowstone

Yellowstone Aerial Adventures

Available May-September

The Adventure Pass

$49 adults/$45 kids 6-12

(406) 646-5171


The thrill

Whether you’re young or old, spry or slow, adventurous or anxious, a ropes course is a great way to be introduced to new heights. Start the experience in flight school, where guides show you the ropes (pun intended). Course navigators are harnessed and tethered to the closed loop system. Then you’re off to traverse a series of 49 course elements. Aim for higher obstacles as you get more comfortable. Don’t worry, a guide is present to assist you every step of the way.

Ask the expert

Q: For a person afraid of heights, why might a ropes course be a good option for them to try?

A: “Ropes course, in this industry, is considered perceived risk. If you were to make a mistake or anything, there really is no risk of falling to the ground outside of misuse of equipment. People every day go up there and overcome their fear of heights with support and encouragement.”

Eric Becker

Owner of Yellowstone Aerial Adventures

Keep in mind

Children 6-12 can’t traverse the adventure course without an adult, so moms and dads harness up, too. The equipment handles up to 300 pounds, and closed-toe shoes are required.

Dictionary for the daring

Break-in: When the filaments of a rope settle in together, lengthening the rope slightly

Jenny: A rope-making machine that twists several single-ply yarn or single fibers into one larger yarn

Sheave: A grooved wheel or roller in a block or pulley over which the rope passes

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