The Immortal Irishman

The Immortal Irishman: The Irish Revolutionary Who Became an American Hero

The Irish-born son of a wealthy merchant, Thomas Francis Meagher is arrested and convicted of sedition after opposing the union between Ireland and Great Britain.

Death sentence commuted and exiled to Tasmania, Australia, he escapes to the United States, writes Pulitzer Prize-winning author Timothy Egan.

After landing in New York, Meagher studies law and journalism. He becomes embroiled in the Civil War, forming the Irish Brigade after the First Battle of Bull Run.

Later appointed secretary and then acting governor of the Territory of Montana, Meagher fails at bringing Republicans and Democrats together. He dies in 1867 after mysteriously drowning in the Missouri River while on a trip to pick up guns from General Sherman for the Montana militia.

Meagher’s death left many unanswered questions as his body was never found. Did the ill or intoxicated Irishman fall overboard or was he pushed?

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