Up to 150’

Zip Lines – Missoula

Snowbowl Zip Lines

Available June-September

Four Zip Tour

Approx. $37

(406) 549-9777


The thrill

Want the maximum thrill with minimal effort? Try zip lining. This adventure is only a short hike away, where you and a friend can start on a tour of four zip lines. Before the zip, learn proper body positioning and safety measures. Then hook up your harness and fly down zips of 200, 600, 700 and nearly 1,000 feet before arriving safely at the bottom of the course.

Ask the expert

Q: How can zip lining help someone overcome a fear of heights?

A: “Each case is unique. A lot of people do overcome it. There’s a lot of people that do have a healthy fear of heights. We’re able to evaluate you on the practice line, and if there is an issue where we feel like you’re not going to be able to follow instructions (due to fear), then you probably shouldn’t be on the zip line. We never put someone in a position where they feel like they have to go.”

Andrew Morris

Zip line manager at Snowbowl Zip Lines

Keep in mind

Zip lines operate rain or shine, so dress for the elements and in close-toe shoes. Weight restrictions require riders to be between 60 and 230 pounds. Parent or guardian permission is required for riders under 18, and zip lining is not recommended for riders who are pregnant or have heart problems, motion sickness, or back and neck problems.

Dictionary for the daring

Breaking strength: The amount of weight that can be applied to a piece of zip line equipment before it breaks

Deflection: A sagging of the zip line cable which slows down a zip line rider

Tension: Pulling a zip line cable tighter, minimizing deflection and making the zip line faster

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