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About Magic City Magazine

Originating as the Magic City Experience in 2003, Magic showcases life in and around Billings, Montana. We follow a simple mission:  to uncover all that is unique and wonderful and changing in this great community…and we guarantee a few surprises along the way.


  • Michael Gulledge


  • Darrell Ehrlick, Editor-in-Chief
  • Evelyn Noennig, Community Liaison/Assistant Editor
  • Tara Cady, Editor/Writer
  • Marlisa Keyes, Editor/Writer
  • Tiffini Gallant, Editor/Writer 


  • Larry Mayer, Casey Page, Bronte Wittpenn


  • Dave Worstell,  General Manager
  • Ryan Brosseau, Advertising Director
  • Spencyr Schmaltz, Advertising Coordinator
  • Mo Lucas, Production/Coordinator

 Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Andrew Marble, Eileen McDonald, Jane McCracken, Sharon Nolte, Karen Sanford-Gall, Zack Terakedis, Stella Daskalakis Thurkhill, Gillette Vaira, Kim Weizenbach, Gavin Woltjer, Dr.  Alan Muskett